Consulting Services

Consulting services offered by FRI include:

  Assessment of Portfolio Licensing Value
  Client Infrastructure Development and Training
  Patent Portfolio Mapping and Patenting Strategy
  Licensing and Negotiation Strategy
  Litigation Support
  Facilitation of Strategic Alliances
  Improved Patent Quality
  Patent and License Administration
  Royalty Audits

Contingency Licensing Methodology

The methodology for FRI's contingency licensing activity is:

  Analyze portfolios for licensing value
  Negotiate exclusive representation agreements
  Develop comprehensive licensing strategies
  Prioritize and contact licensing candidates
  Negotiate license or sale agreements
  Receive a portion of ensuing revenues as compensation

Patent Acquisition Methodology

We seek to acquire patents on behalf of anonymous clients by:

  Clearly understanding the client's objectives
  Locating patents meeting criteria
  Establish availability for purchase
  Provide technical and price recommendation to client
  Receive purchase commitment and budget from client
  Negotiate acquisition price and terms
  Facilitate purchase agreement and patent assignment